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The Library & Information Centre services are available to the University of Thessaly academic community and to the wider public.
  • User of the Library services is considered each natural or legal entity that uses the freely offered services either at the Library's facilities, or online via the Library web site.
  • Member of the Library is considered each natural entity that has in his/her possession a valid "Member Identity Card", which is issued after his/her relative application. A valid "Member Identity Card" provides the member with full access rights to the Library's online and in-house services.

The Library Regulation (2001) (in Greek, chapter 4, p. 5-7) provides analytic description of:
  • - members' and users' rights and obligations
  • - registration ways
  • - validity of Member Identity Card
  • - update of members' personal details
Please be informed that:
  • - All Library members and users should read its Internal Regulation and abide by its rules.
  • - Failure to comly with the current Regulation, results in withdrawal of "Member Identity Card" and other library privileges.

Please be noted that ...
Complete information is provided in Greek language via the Greek edition of the Library web site.
Please, click on "Ελληνική έκδοση" (see the top or bottom navigation bar of this web page).
  - Apologies for the inconvenience -

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