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Library Structure & Organization
The University of Thessaly Library and Information Centre, according to Law No. 1268/1982 and the University of Thessaly Administrative Services' Organization (PD 224/1995), constitutes a self-existent, coherent and decentralised Service, which from an administrative point of view corresponds with a Department. The Service is established in Volos and is constituted by the Central Library and its Branches, regardless of the building group or the city in which these are located.
The Library and Information Centre depends administratively directly to the Dean and is directed by the Library Director. The Director informs the Library Committee, at its meetings, about the Library's academic subjects and has catholic responsibility for the Library's operations and personnel. The Library's structure and organization are expressed in its current Internal Regulation, that is reformed every time new developments in the information science field and the Library's or/and its parent institution's needs demand it to.

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Internal Regulation: The Internal Regulation (2001) is available only in Greek (chapter 8, pages 23-41)
  • Dr. Ioannis Clapsopoulos: 1995 -
  • Alexiou Christos: 1998-1994

The University of Thessaly Library Committee is an advisory body of the Senate and functions as the liaison element between the Library and the academic community of the University. The composition of the Library Committee is designated by the University of Thessaly Senate.
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The Central Library is responsible for ensuring that its personnel abides by the Library policy. It is also responsible for managing its collection and services, its human resources and its technical infrastructure.
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All the employees that work in the Library, regardless the type of their labour relation with the University of Thessaly, are considered as Library staff. The Library can occupy in a complementary way graduate and postgraduate students of the University of Thessaly in any of its departments. Allocation of duties among Library staff lays within the Director's exclusive competence.

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